Management Team

Exceptional business & governance leadership complements our unique technical team

Chief Executive Officer

Christofer M. Mowry

  • Approaching forty years in energy/cleantech sector
  • Demonstrated global impact as CEO
  • Experience in fusion, fission, EPC, utility, & manufacturing businesses

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Guerrero

  • Nearly 3 decades of experience in aerospace/marine sector
  • Fortune 500 design & mfg executive
  • Agile product development specialization
David Vickerman

Chief Financial Officer

David K. Vickerman

  • 30 years finance and banking executive
  • Clean Energy principal investing
  • PE-backed energy CFO with proven business-building experience

VP – Program Mgmt Office

Mike Duffy

  • Chief Systems Engineer for leading renewable energy labs
  • Federal experience with NSA & DOE Oversight Offices
  • Academic credentials in Systems Engineering including numerous technical papers

Chief People Officer

Kairus Tarapore

  • Successful track record as Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Fortune 500 experience as Chief Administrative Officer
  • Recognized globally across multiple industries

Senior VP – External Affairs and Marketing

Matt Miles

  • Operational experience in oil & gas sector
  • Extensive knowledge of global energy markets
  • Specialization in supply chain growth
Charlie Baynes-Reid

General Counsel

Charlie Baynes-Reid

  • Operational experience in oil & gas sector
  • Extensive knowledge of global energy markets
  • Specialization in supply chain growth

Type One Energy Technical Leadership Team

We designed, built, and operated the world’s leading stellarators

150+ years, 500+ papers, 5+ stellarators … this team knows how to build a fusion plant

Chief Science Officer

Dr. John Canik

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Previous fusion leader at Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Authored seminal paper on  Quasi-Helically Symmetry
  • 143+ fusion technical papers

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thomas Sunn Pedersen

  • PhD MIT, Professor Columbia
  • Designed and built Columbia Non-neutral Torus (CNT)
  • Key Wendelstein W7-X Technical Director
  • 130+ fusion technical papers

VP & Chief Engineer

Bradley Nelson

  • Served as Chief Engineer at US ITER Project
  • Four decades in fusion engineering
  • Contributions to three stellarators (e.g., ATF)
  • Numerous technical papers

VP – Stellarator Optimization

Dr. Chris Hegna

  • PhD, Columbia University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor
  • Recipient of Dawson Award, Plasma Physics
  • 200+ technical papers

VP – Systems Engineering

Dr. David Anderson

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor
  • Built IMS, 1st modular stellarator
  • Designed & built HSX, 1st quasi-helical symmetric stellarator
  • 80+ stellarator technical papers